Friday, January 8, 2010

~ 5th JanuarY 2010 ~

Happening!!! Yes That's the best word to decribed into my situation for time right now!! Haha~

Why?? Hurm... Lets check it out together with me babey!! =D

OK! If u are in my house past 2 days ago.. My house was sooo DULL!!! Seriously, there's nothing i can do... And yeah, so do as my frens too..

Can u imagine, just 3 person living in a one roof??? Nahh~

Hey u little boy!! with ur PS2.. & u little baby giant!! Not at haouse all the time.. Hurmm.. And me?? Haha!!! With my own business..

And today! Yeah Babey!! The house just like a big bang boom!! Laughing there, laughinh here.. Talking there, talking here... Playing PS2 together.. It was really great to have a place like this!

Haha! Thanks to my frens who just came back from their places.. From Klang, Shah Alam, Sekinchan & also from Setiawan..
But, there are still 3 little kids did not coming yet! Yeahh2!! Get ready boys! U'll get best ever prank from us at home.. Huhu~
People! Prepare ur weapons! We will have a real war soon..!!

*credit to Baby Syed, Parman, Bedorm & Sharam*

~ Jaa ~

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