Tuesday, November 24, 2009

~ It happends to mE ~

"Junkfood, Junkfood, Junkfood"
Synonym with human who loves it a lot!
Anybody can eat it even the junkfood contains a lot of colors or with a proper name unhealthy food! BUT, there is a few company came out with a healhty junkfood such as what? U figure it out. Actually, this topic was related to myself. Haha~
Wanna noe? I'll tell u a lil bit about it...
Lets check it out. Ahaha~

A very VeRy vErY long time ago, it was about 3-4 years ago. I was really, really hated junkfoods! Seriously.! Why? Because, I already put in my brain that junkfood are not good for ur health bla bla bla...... wasted ur money bla bla bla.... n bla bla bla..... IF I super duper really wanna taste it, I'll just eat it in small amount.. Just wanna satisfied my needs. Thats all..

My sister loved ate junkfood. When my parents wanna go to shopping for kitchen's foods, my sis gonna took a lot of junkfood, junkfood, junkfood....
Ermmmm, ermm, ermmmm. NOT GOOD! And ME? Haha~ always lecture my sis until she hated to hear. Haha~ Do I Care? No no no... I Dun Really Care, K!

Today? Its my time to take over my beloved sis's habits which is eat junkfood.. Adehh... what a such horror moment to me... Hurmm.....
Hahaha~ When i think it back what exactly happened to me. Yeah... Its such a horror to me. Now I ate a lot of junkfood compared to my sis.. Adehh~ What should I do? Its all because of Internet! Yeah i repeat it again "its all because of Internet".. Why? hurmmm... I'll play it all day long 24-7 non-stop. When it cames late at night, yeah for sure your stomach gotta "kruk krek kruuk kreek"... Hahaha... And junkfood gotta be ur bestfriend ever when u are hungry! U'll eat eat n eat... Until it finished! Like KFC slogan "IT'S FINGER LICKING GOOD" uhuhu~

Thats all my short story...

~ Jaa ~


Live.Laugh.Love said...

tu la..len kali jgn dok mengata org.
bak kata pepatah,
mengata dulang paku serpih,
mengata org dia yg lebih

KuaLaM KeinDahaN said...

zaman dah berubah dah... hehe~ ;D