Monday, January 4, 2010

~ 4th JanuarY 2010 ~

Owh My Gosh!!!
Help me please!
What’s going on with my lecturers?!!
Somebody, please help me!!
I do appreciate if u all could help me.
Seriously! Hurmm…
Can u believe what kind of lecturer did I get for this semester??
Yaks!! Ermm, maybe for two subjects it could be all right for me.. But, the rest?!!
Strict! Too manners! I mean, manners here are they are too following their rules & regulations.
C’mon… Don’t be too “strict”!!
Yeah! Yes. Of course we all know that we still need some guidelines to success.
But please! There’s still many things or other methods that u all can be use to change us or teach us…
DAMN YEAH!! Hurmm… *sigh*
Hope GOD will help us how to adapt all this new things in our life… HOPEFULLY!!

~ Jaa ~

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