Monday, January 4, 2010

~ 3rd JanuarY 2010 ~

Owh! I had a class this morning. It was great.. Because, it was my first class for today & of course for this semester too… Haha~

It is really good that we could have a real good lecturer. Mrs. Tey Hwei Choo (Lecturer Of Malaysian Economics). She’s nice, sporting & yeah!! “young” (not that young actually).. Hahaha~
Hopefully she will teach us until we all can understand with the topic she taught. Because, our target for this subject is an “A+”.. Although, yeah! It kinda tuff subject.. Huhu~ BUT! Who knows! “Tuah burung Nampak pada kepaknyer, tuah semut nampak pada kekuatannyer, tuah hang  tak Nampak papepun, tuah aku? Sape yang tau!!”… Hahaha~

~ Jaa ~


goinist said...

lecturer HR dengan OB macam mana?

dengar kata makan manusia. betul ka?

KuaLaM KeinDahaN said...

haa!! mmg dowh!!
giler punyer menakutkan.. better ko g kelas diorg secpt yg blh.. diorg sume tu dahlah manusia yg menakutkan.. ahahaha~

goinist said...

aku lagi bapak segala menakutkan. mahahaha!

KuaLaM KeinDahaN said...

aahahaha... ahh! ko mmg!!
saje cari nahas.. hahaaha.. siap sedialah ko cari kelas lain duhh sem ni.. ahahha~ chia pun same je nanti.. adehh~
payah tul dpt lect yg mcm ni.. mkn org sgt.. bende lain ade, manusia gak dicari.. antu tul!