Monday, May 10, 2010

~ Silent But People KnowS ~

I'm not trying to get any attention, sympathy, or yeah seangkatan dengannya ye.
Now, i'm having something truly hurting me.
I don't even know what kind of "things" that hurting me.

Its hard for me to talk.
Its hard for me to brush my teeth.
Its hard for me to chew "hard" foods.
Its hard for me to stay calm.

GOD please help me.
Since i ate "daging kenduri" punye pasailah, now im suffering tooth problems.
I think its bengkaklah.
But i don't see any bengkak-bengkak at my front gusi. Haha~

Now i'm injured.
Need to seek medical attention.
Need to follow all nonsense rules.
Need not drink cold water.
Try to avoid to eat "hard" foods.
Try to smile wisely.
Let outside looks cool.
Don't show that u are sick!
Peace People!

~ Jaa ~

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