Monday, May 31, 2010

~ World Muuu Muuu DaY ~

Let's Muuu Muuu your day like a cow.. Ahahaha~
Today or to be exact RIGHT NOW, June 1st 2010 we are celebrating World Milk Day 2010.
Yesterday I went to Pavillion to celabrate Milk's Day Malaysia to create a new record in Malaysia that will be stated in Malaysian Book Of Record For The Largest Milk-Drinking Event After At The Same Time.
The sponsor for milk at that day is Dutch Lady. They distributed "susu kotak" for more than 4000++ boxes.
When I reached there, I was like WoAHhHH!!! The crowd was soooooo amazed!!!
Its like be in the middle of ocean of human. Everywhere is a human. U cant see other than that except for the stages & of course the medias. Huhu~
BUT!! That was a tragedy happen to me...
Hurmmm... What kind of tragedy is that?
I tell yea!
Alright, the previous day i was s0o0o0o0o excited to go celebrate "it". The event is at 10am for the registration. The next morning (yesterday) after subuh i took a nap for awhile, just to refresh my body because the last night i slept at 4am. So, I was over the border of tired. I clock the alarm at 830am, & I wish I could wake at that time. Luckily, I woke up!! Hahaha~
Then, i go for bath & yeah get ready to go.
Aku punyalah bersiap awal dengan harapan dapat gi awal & of course can take part with others to create the new record, BUT unfortunately, it didn't work as I plan. Everything went contrast. WHY??? It has a reason that I cant tell in here.. Hehe~
Just because of I'm really late, I just go.. Haha~ 0950 baru gerak ye.
Then, arrived there around 1020. Then, the mission to search where the place they camp! Keep searching, searching & finally FOUND IT!!! So, happy.. Haha~
The truth, I just missed to participate this event, its all because I'm late. Late for registration. Damn!!!
Just, standing there while the the host keep interviewing the artists who coming & the audience. Hehe~
The crowd was so00o0o0o amazing. Just can't believe it man!
The event started at 1100, while waiting, U know what?? Tadaa~
Amber Chia was there, Shasha Bashir also coming, & U KNOW WHAT, HANIS ZALIKA also coming... The saddest part is I didn't see her. But, she was there. Another DAMN!!! I wanna take picca with her.. Hahaha~
& not forgotten "Director Of Dutch Lady Malaysia" were there too.
10 seconds to go, the countdown being made,
Then, the record just been made people!! 3200++ participant were took part. It was so great even MY name was not in the list, but the experience I got there was so great!!!
Here are the piccas I snap,
Malaysian Greatest Model, Amber Chia OK!!! Haha~
This is Shasha Bashir
That Uncle White Hair Is The Director Of Dutch Lady Malaysia OK..
Look at his number, Special right?? No 0001
This just a quarter of the crowd OK!
Lets Drink & Make a new record for Malaysia!! Yehaa~
Keep searching, Might be your friend was there to.. Hehe~
Lets proud Malaysian!! We just made it!! Hahaha~

So, i think thats all kot for now. If I have anything else, I'll post it later alright!
Keep smiling, Because smiL(= can make ur day more brighten than usual!

~ Jaa ~


KuraKuraDiBawahCawanKaca said...

nak jumpe hanis, pegi je laa umah dia.. beli kek.. percuma dapat bergambar ngan Hanis..

sasha bashir plak, join laa Bootcamp kat PJ.. dia ade.. train ngan Kak Mulan sama.. tapi akak mulan lagi hebat dari dia ahhh.. hahahaha

KuaLaM KeinDahaN said...

alahh... nanti kek die jual mahal.. harga model anak beranak.. ahaha~
shasha bashir, xnak arr.. xminat die pun.. ahaaha~