Monday, May 10, 2010

~ 9th May 2010 Mother's DaY ~

Yesterday is a Mother's Day.
Me, Myself & I.
Eyhh!!! My Mum, Sis & I went to IKEA around 1700 o'clock.
Then we arrived around 1800.
Luckily, the traffic were not congested
If not, yeah! For sure 2-3 hours on the road.

Why we're going there?
As you all read my previous entry, I wrote that i want change my sweet room. So, we went there to buy any stuffs that probably suit with my new room (in the future).
After bought, we went to The Curve. As usual just nak jalan-jalan. Hehe~
Then, we stop & buy! We stopped where?
We pit stop for a while at Mc'D. Cause tringin nak makan ice cream. Yeehaa~
I choose mango sundae. Yuks! TAK SEDAP!!! Much better strawberry or chocolate sundae ok!
Ish ish~

After taking a long rest, my sis wanna go to street market.
Ok fine!
"Take Your Time, Look Around"
After awhile, I saw someone.
A man. An actor. A blogger boy too.
Guess who?
ZAHIRIL ADZIM. (titik tu penting untuk di-BOLD-kan. trademark taik lalat die tu.. hee~ don't get angry yeah! just kidding)
Does u all know him?
If Not, click HERE
His Blog?? Click HERE
Wahh... Ni dah kire promote nih! Ish Ish~

I told sister "hey! thats Zahiril Adzim"
My sis like "hahh! where? where?"
Then, I said "right there. That green t-shirt"
My sis like "woahh! I love Zahiril Adzim."
Then, suddenly my sis gave me her phone.
She believe that i could snap Zahiril Adzim' photos.
Ahh! Come on arr..
Act as usual. Don't be too gelabah. Ceith!
Then, as usual. We jalan-jalan seperti biasa.
But! Seem like he "knows" me.
Because he pernah open my blog quite many times.
But, that is not important. Hehe~
So, after street market.
We went home.
Yeaaa!!! So tired ok!
My leg like nak tercabut dah. Seriously.
We reached home around 2230 kot.. Not pretty sure...

Picca? Nanti I upload ok!


~ Jaa ~

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