Saturday, May 29, 2010

~ Special EntrY ~

What a special about this entry?
What ya guys think?
Actually there's no special about this entry, it just a gimmick I made to surprised u all..

Actually, my permission to have a "black immortal" colour room had been approved by my mum. And we already bought it.  


Now, we just need to wait & wait & wait to paint my "gloom" room to be "immortal" one.. Miahaha~

The colours are "black" & "light gray" one. Yeehaa!!!
Can't wait babey to have new colours. Huhu~
When I done paint my room, I'll post it to my blog ok!

I'm not really excited to be exact, it just its time to have a new life with my room. Thats all..

~ Jaa ~

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