Tuesday, May 18, 2010

~ No TittlE ~

Aku tulis dekat blog ni adalah aku kesah dengan penulisan aku. Aku sedikitpun TIDAK kesah kalau kau mahu bertengking, marah, memaki hamun, mengutuk setiap karangan yang aku hasilkan sebelom sebelom ni.
Do i care? Nahh!! GO TO THE HELL!
I don’t even care what u doing, saying ok!
Now, i would like to talk something about ~LifE~.
My life? Your life? Their life?
Whatever, as long the message that i wanna give delivered. Hehe~
N = So, hows ur life? Getting better?
Z = Yes, now I can breathe.
N = U can breathe? What does u mean?
Z = Ermmm... nothing, it just a normal situation i had before this. So, i need new life to encourage my spirit to face with new situation, environmental etc.
N = Owh! Ok. Sooooo....?
Z = So, what? U means how i can get out of this bullshit?
N = Hehe~ yeah! How?
Z = Easy dude! Just think what u wanna do, then, get out from that HELL ok! Hahaaha~
N = Wahh~ Is that easy?? Is u kidding me?
Z = Hahh! Why i need to foolish u. Ahhaaha~ i’m totally serious with u dude!
N = Ermm.. thats nice, if that easy, sure i’ll do it next time.. Thanks ma fren! Yeehaa!
Z = Yeah! Sure, no problem. Remember, i’m ur counsellor. Hahaha~
N = Yes, yes! I do remember. Thanks once again!
Z = Get out from ur space as soon as possible ok dude!
N = Don’t u worry! *big grin*

~ Jaa ~

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