Monday, March 1, 2010

~ Money Money MoneY ~

 In one week, I just spend my money about RM2++++.00.
Owh No!
I don’t know where all my money goes. Where can I get more money to survive here in this rural + village + town areas?? DAMN!!! I need more money please!!

Money Money Money... Please Please Please...

I hope tomorrow morning, when I wake up, I open my wallet & my wallet will be full with money... Hahaha~

Not full with RM1.00... But full with Notes RM50.00..... Yes!! I will pray for it every night before I sleep. Yehaa~

Wish Me Luck!

(p/s = kakak bank in skit kat aku ye)

~ Jaa ~


Live.Laugh.Love said...

oh aku tidak nampak apa yang kau tulis
tidak ada gaji lagi

KuaLaM KeinDahaN said...

hurmmm... ko ni.. adehh~
bglah skit.. ahahaha~