Tuesday, March 23, 2010

~ A Gift From Nana ChomeL ~

I am totally surprised with what i got.. Ahaa~
Why? Haa~
Exactly, last 2-day ago, I've been noticed to go to college office to find a gift from someone to me.
Then, ok. I go.
Ermm... At first, I thought it just a cad, then, I could not find my name. Where is it babey! Adehh~
Then, I called that person, to be specific "Nana Chomel"...
I called her, ask for what she posted to me.. Hurmm..
She said it's a box. A BIG BOX.
Then, I say Ok... HUhu~
I goes to Abang Penjaga Depan Kaunter.
"Abang, ada tak orang post kotak besar?".
Then He replied, "ermm. sekejap ye. Nama?"
I replied him.
He said "Owh. Ini Dia"
I was like Haaaa! Are You Kidding Me?? REAL BIG!
Then, I fill the form, then I take it & leave it.. Huhu~


What's inside bebey!
Hurmmm.. I was wondered.. So do my friends too.. Then we went for a lunch, then we went home.
Everybody was excited to know what inside. Adehh~
Then, I open it with smoothly, gently, & yeah... Hahaha~
Everybody keeps "teka-teki"... Including me.. Huhu~
It is..................................

I Am Totally Happy With The Gift Nana~
Thank You So Much!

~ Jaa ~


sheena maat. said...

hensem nye si nana jr.. hahaha

Live.Laugh.Love said...

suit with you..mr froggie

KuaLaM KeinDahaN said...

nana=eyh~~ nana jr tu gurl ye.. not a boy.. hahaaha~ so, kene comei not hensem... huhh~
kaka=owhhh! yeah! of course... who am i?? i am the prince froggie.. ahaks! ;D