Wednesday, March 31, 2010

~ April FooLinG ~

What's going on with April?
Is there Something Important thing that WE need to do??
Or, are WE been prank by OUR lecturers???

Actually, April Is The Month Where I Am Truly Busy.
How Busy I Am?
I Repeat! REAL BUSY!!!!!

Ok, here are the schedule that I need to follow...

APRIL 1st - Investment Test II
APRIL 4th - Malaysian Economic Test II
APRIL 5th - Submit Assignment Organizational Behavior
APRIL 7th - Probably Human Resource Test II
APRIL 10th - UiTM Perlis Mandarin Club Come To Visit UiTM Kedah Mandarin Club
APRIL 13th - Organizational Behavior Test II
APRIL 14th - Presentation Of Human Resource
APRIL 15th - Operation Management Test II
APRIL 18th - Investment Test III

Is there any days that I need to fulfill?? Daa~
They are truly killing me with this messy APRIL FooLinG FooL.
If U Really Wanna Prank Me? Please, Do Not Be Like This!

~ Jaa ~

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