Monday, March 1, 2010

~ Keresahan Melampaui Ketenangan ~

Itu yang aku hadapi few days ago until today or more specific until this time right now. It’s not because of something that I need to do. It is not about assignment. It is not about test or quiz. It is not about baju “kutur” yang berlambak-lambak dalam bakul yang perlu dicuci kat dobi (walaupun dah aku basuh baju tu dengan berlambaknyer siap dah kemas dahpun bubuh dalam loker lagi). It is not about foods. Not about bla bla bla................

It just, hurmmm..... It is about my life. Current life... Now, today... I don’t know how to describe it... Yeah! Just let it be. I just need to chill =)

And don’t forget to smil(=

Because smil(= can brings a better life for you.

~ Jaa ~

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