Friday, March 19, 2010

~ March 13tH 2010 ~

After came back from Peer's Camp,
We all 3 members went to Village Mall to watch Muvie called “Under The Mountain”.
But, there are not just 3 of us. We plan after came back from Peer’s’ camp with others. It’s 9 of us. Wow! Huhu~
The movie? Hurm...
I give 3/5 stars. Why? Haa! I tell u why.
I don’t even know how people would say that story is interesting?
For me. Yeah! FOR ME. It is bad! REAL BAD!!! The story line, the action, bla bla bla... Rubbish! Naaah!!! I don’t like it at all. Sucks!
Suppose I watch “Alice In The Wonderland”, but the ticket was too late. Then, are we want to wait??? Haha~ OF COURSE NOT!
Hurm... What can I do... It already happens.
I hope for the next time I would not watch that kind of muvies anymore. Never & Ever...
It is my hope. Huhu~
~ Jaa ~


CikMiko said...

under the mountain mmg TAK besh langsung!
aku siap boley tdo lagi dlm wyg!
ntah apa2 jaaa cita!
alice besh jugak ;)

KuaLaM KeinDahaN said...

hahahahaa.... sgt setuju! yeehaaa~
ahahaha~ mengarut! baik aku donate duit ticket tu kt anak2 yatim lg bagus. huhh! xbermoral punye cter.. :D