Friday, December 4, 2009

~ What happened to this muvie hA ~

I went to MV megamall to accompany my cousin to buy a futsal shoe. But a few days before, we already agreed to watch muvie.. Suppose we watched "Twilight Saga : New Moon", but then the muvie are almost full-house. Huhh~ For sure seat depan je yang tinggal deyh.. Tak nak aku.. Aaahhaha~
Then, we decided to watch Phobia 2. Wahh! sounds scary babey! Haha~
The ticket was at 4:20pm. We entered at 4 o'clock in the evening ya~ Right after my leg entered.. Hahh! What the heck with the hall. Ceith! soo000o small arr.. Huhh~ xsyiok!
Then, we seated. We ate pop-corn with spritzer mineral water while waiting the muvie to start.. Krup krup krup.. glup glup glup... ahhh~ What refreshing yea!
Hurmm.. We keep waiting... Waiting with full patience... Keep waiting, waiting, and waiting.. Huhh! 4:35pm baru nak start.. Adehh~ Yea! I am So0o0o happy u know... Hehe~
Hurmm. This muvie got 5 scenes.
1st one is quite interesting & quite horror actually.. Haha~
2nd? Hurmm... Hurm... Aaaaa... Hrmmm... Bolehlahhhh.... ;D
3rd? Hahh! Paling "menarik"! Penuh dengan kemengarutan & kepelikan ye! CEITH! (Bosan)
4th? Wahh!! Takutnyerrr... Seriously! Xtipu 0o0o0o... (kire paling bagus kot)
Last one, it should be the scariest one.. BUT! Can u imagine what kind of horror muvie that people can laugh behind u? Kahkahkah... C'mon! Keep laughing... Hahaha~ Give ur big hands to this Muvie babey! Yeahh!! Clap, clap.. Clap together gather ya... ;D
But, it is the most interesting part compared to other. Haha~
Try to catch up Phobia 2 babey! Quite interesting actually... ;D
Don't feel afraid ha! ;D

~ Jaa ~

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