Tuesday, December 15, 2009

~ HiM (3) >Flashback EpisodE< ~

They've been together for almost 5 years without any major problems or critical heart crushed happened between them, it's like they were the happiest couple ever live in this world.. Wahh!

What The Girl wants, Him will try to fulfill her needs. Him will do everything as long as The Girl is happy. EVERYTHING!

When The Girl is sick or hungry, Him will come & visit her. He will take care of her carefully with full of love. What he wants is The Girl Live in Happy, Happy & Happy...

When The Girl needs Him, Him will accompany her though The Girl knows that Him is very busy with his work. But Him never told her what he suffered for.. He will do everything because Him love The Girl so much!!!


With the date & time are not mention.
 Him goes to Puncak Valley Mall to buy some cloths for his daily work. Him keep walking walking & walking until SUDDENLY.......!!!

~ Jaa ~

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