Monday, May 23, 2011

~ Dear Sweetie BabY ~

Dear Sweetie Baby
I Know That You Are Sad
Sad About The Past
Don't Look At Back
Cause It Will Harm You

Dear Sweetie Baby
Every Little Thing Happened To You
Must Got A Reason Behind It
Be Calm And Strong
Cause That Is You I Know

Dear Sweetie Baby
By Looking At Your Smile
Can Make Me Fly In The Sky
Like This Whole World Is Mine
Let's See You Chill And Happy All The Time

Dear Sweetie Baby
Let Me Be By YourSide
I Hope You Will Be Calm
Seing At You Is Like A Wonderful Moment
Because You Are So Meaningful To Me!!!

~ Jaa ~


::FAIZ FARISH:: said...

jaa tu apa?

KuaLaM KeinDahaN said...

saje je wat penamat penulisan..
dlm bahasa jepun die lain "janne" xsilap aku... maksud jumpa lagi..